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Psychedelic Yoga, Part 2

In one small portion of this infinite spiritual environment is a region where an expansion of the original form transforms spiritual energy into matter and time which stirs the qualities of matter into motion, resulting in the creation of innumerable universes within which reside innumerable, eternal spiritual beings who, bewildered by that material energy by virtue of mistaken identity, misidentify themselves with the temporary material forms they inhabit in this realm rather than with their eternal spiritual selves. In this world of matter and time they experience the illusion of separation from their source. Continue reading

Psychedelic Yoga, Part 1

When we hear stories about Krishna, particularly those stories having to do with his youth in the village of Vrindavan, we usually get an impression of a little blue flute playing cowherd boy who hangs out in the groves of a forest near the bank of a river and, on a beautiful autumn night, calls his most intimate companions, the cowherd girls, to dance with him by the light of the moon. Continue reading

The Epicenter of Kirtan

The most influential kirtan leader in the world over the past 25 years passed away last week.  Many readers of my blog may not know him by name since he never pursued a career as a kirtan recording artist; you’re not likely to hear him on a play list during a yoga class. His only interest was in practicing and teaching the art of kirtan at the deepest, most devotional level. And anyone who wanted to chant with him had to go pretty far out of their way to do it. Continue reading