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The Meaning of Surrender, Part 2

Picking up where we left off, once we have surrendered to the idea of a Supreme Being to whom we surrender, the next question is ‘how do we express our surrender’. One of my teachers tells a story of meditating on the idea of surrender and, having accepted in principle the idea that he must surrender to to the Supreme Being, closed his eyes and, directing his thoughts to the person to whom he wished to surrender with all the sincerity at his command, said ‘I surrender’.

Nothing happened. Continue reading

The Meaning of Surrender – part 1

A few weeks ago a friend was asking me what I thought about the meaning of surrender. It’s a subject worthy of consideration; surrender plays a prominent role in traditional yoga scripture. Unlike “giving up” or “throwing in the towel”, as we would define it in the conventional sense, surrender for a yogi is an essential component of devotion. Continue reading