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Beyond ‘Scampi’: Q & A with Dan K, Part 1

My thanks once again to my friends who commented on my last blog post, particularly Dan K, whose thoughtful and challenging questions have given me a launching pad for the next few entries. I’ll approach the broad, underlying issues that Dan’s comments raise by addressing his specific questions in reverse order:

… if self-realization is the goal (of yoga), why does it even matter to you how other people are living? Continue reading

Facing Our Fears

Elizabeth, my partner, and I don’t have children so we’re not so well-prepared to accommodate them when we have guests; our parties are usually “adults only” affairs. Naturally, exceptions are made and on one such occasion a couple brought their 8 year-old son, Anton. Anton is an interesting kid; he amused himself for most of the evening by hiding under our bed and making spooky ghost noises whenever someone walked in to drop off a coat or get something from their handbag.

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