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In The Beginning

OmGong_Mantra_200As is sometimes the case for those of us who become yoga teachers, my first few classes were a little rough. Fortunately my classes were so small that my early missteps were endured only by an unfortunate few. And, since some of my fellow Teacher Training alumni as well as friends with years of teaching experience mercifully subjected themselves to my classes, I got valuable feedback to help me improve. On one such occasion it was brought to my attention that I was so anxious to get everyone moving on their mats that I had forgotten the first order of business: I had forgotten to chant “Om”.

Of course, not every yoga teacher chants “Om” to begin a class. And some yoga students are just as happy to get centered and focused by other means. But as a general rule, at least in most yoga studios, we begin and end a yoga class by chanting “Om”. Continue reading

Three components of Om

We usually see Om spelled out in two letters: ‘o’ and ‘m’.  But there are three components in the sound vibration: “aum” – a, u, m. We sometimes we see it spelled this way as well.  In either case the pronunciation merges the two vowels into one rounded sound but the three components that make up this sacred vibration each have significance. Continue reading