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Tamasa Samskara: Reflections on a Dark Impression

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn the mid 1980’s I embarked on, or perhaps lucked into, a career as a computer graphics artist. Successive opportunities led quickly to a position with a firm that specialized in channeling sales of computer graphics and video hardware through a network of re-sellers. My job was to demonstrate how the technology worked and train people how to use it. It was exciting because the technology was esoteric stuff at the time. It was also my first job of consequence after having spent my early twenties in yoga ashrams and my later twenties wondering what to do next.

Business trips were totally new to me. The computer graphics industry, like most others, had periodic trade shows and going to them was part of my job. In fact, practically the whole company went: it was a very small firm and we all had a role to play at such events. I joined the company in June and by August I was traveling to my first major convention, SIGGRAPH, an annual conference on computer graphics that was held in a different city every year. In 1986, the year I went, the conference was in Dallas, Texas. Continue reading