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Smooth Sailing in a Turbulent Sea

Now that over a week has past since the shooting in Tucson, we may be thinking that things are getting back to normal. Unfortunately, a regularly recurring cycle of senseless violence is normal; it goes on perpetually – if not in Tucson, then certainly somewhere. Some acts of violence make a bigger impact on us than others just as some waves in the ocean are bigger than others, but the ocean is normally full of waves. Continue reading

Beyond ‘Scampi’: Q & A with Dan K, Part 2

Returning to my dialogue with Dan K, here are Dan’s next questions and comments:

“… when did the classical text become divine? I took it to heart when David Life proclaimed to hundreds of yogis at the Catholic Monastery in DC that yoga is not a religion.”

I’ve heard David say that on several occasions. Now let’s contrast his statement with this one from the Jivamukti Yoga book, which he co-authored with Sharon Gannon:

“To serve and get closer to God is the only reason to practice or teach yoga. Without the desire for God, asana is meaningless exercise. Without devotion, Yoga cannot be attained.”

This appears to be a contradiction. Continue reading

The Meaning of Surrender, Part 2

Picking up where we left off, once we have surrendered to the idea of a Supreme Being to whom we surrender, the next question is ‘how do we express our surrender’. One of my teachers tells a story of meditating on the idea of surrender and, having accepted in principle the idea that he must surrender to to the Supreme Being, closed his eyes and, directing his thoughts to the person to whom he wished to surrender with all the sincerity at his command, said ‘I surrender’.

Nothing happened. Continue reading