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Three components of Om

We usually see Om spelled out in two letters: ‘o’ and ‘m’.  But there are three components in the sound vibration: “aum” – a, u, m. We sometimes we see it spelled this way as well.  In either case the pronunciation merges the two vowels into one rounded sound but the three components that make up this sacred vibration each have significance. Continue reading

Developing Spiritual Vision

In my last class of 2009 I proposed a New Year’s resolution that would help us take our yoga practice off the mat and into the world: I suggested that we try to interact with people – all kinds of people: human people, animal people, plant people – on a spiritual level. The reason is because doing so fundamentally changes the nature of the relationship; it puts it on the spiritual level, which is the level we are trying to attain by our yoga practice.

Soon afterwards somebody very intelligently asked me: “How do you do that exactly?” Continue reading