Moving Day

Moving day is about to arrive and with it all the joys of packing, schlepping, and unpacking. Our life as we know it must be disassembled and re-assembled in another location. Where’s my transporter mechanism when I need it?

So we’re moving from one apartment to another, from one neighborhood to another. Same square footage, same monthly expense, but we’re trading convenience for quiet. No more two-minute walks to the supermarket and no more drunken arguments outside our window at three o’clock in the morning. We’ll be right alongside a large park (all nature, no swings or basketball courts) and the building’s property includes a nice garden that should be great for early morning meditation.

One of the great challenges that contemporary urban yogis face is how to peacefully practice yoga when we’re surrounded by an environment that’s usually anything but peaceful. Even at one of the yoga studios where I teach the environment has recently become more challenging by no fault of the studio owners; the building next door is being renovated so I find myself guiding students into shavasana to the accompaniment of jackhammers. It’s possible to find one’s peaceful center under such circumstances; being as equipoised in the midst of mayhem as we are in a sea of tranquility is a sign of maturity in our yoga practice, but I still have a ways to go before I really reach that point. Optimizing the conditions for my practice is one way I hope to get there.

Traditionally the early morning hours and a simple, clean setting are best for doing yoga or meditation; clarity of mind may be more easily attained when the qualities of fresh light and peacefulness prevail. In fact, all of the elements of our environment that we come in contact with – the time of day, the places we go, the food that we eat, the people we associate with – influence our consciousness in one way or another. So an important part of practicing yoga off the mat is the practice of choosing and shaping our environment in a way that’s conducive to the elevation of our consciousness.

So what’s the yogic way to move? Well, joyfully, but I’ll need to rustle up some detachment from both the hassle of the process and the promise of the result. Hopefully this move will motivate me to bring a higher level of order and tranquility to my personal space. It’s an opportunity to re-boot our system, to re-make our environment in a way that’s conducive for peaceful living and the pursuit of yoga.

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  1. Georgiana
    Posted June 22, 2011 at 10:12 PM | Permalink | Reply

    Your new home environment sounds loverly. DC is a challenge, but has pockets of greeness and peace. You just have to look (and look around you so you don’t get mugged). Sorry. But sadly true. At the same time, urban communities can be nicely energized and full of cool, quiet spaces amidst the noise.

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