Psychedelic Yoga, Part 2

In one small portion of this infinite spiritual environment is a region where an expansion of the original form transforms spiritual energy into matter and time which stirs the qualities of matter into motion, resulting in the creation of innumerable universes within which reside innumerable, eternal spiritual beings who, bewildered by that material energy by virtue of mistaken identity, misidentify themselves with the temporary material forms they inhabit in this realm rather than with their eternal spiritual selves. In this world of matter and time they experience the illusion of separation from their source.

That universe-generating form expands again into another form that enters into each universe. This form expands yet again to enter into the heart of each of the innumerable living beings living in each of the innumerable universes.

And, because the original form from which these expansions proceed is absolute, all of the expansions that proceed from it are non-different from the original source; there is no duality. As such, the complete supra-cosmic manifestation resides within the form of the expansion that resides within the hearts of the innumerable, infinitesimal sparks of spiritual energy that reside within the countless array of material forms that reside within all of the material universes which emanate from the expansion of the original infinite form within which everything resides.

Boing! Blows my mind every time I think about it. But wait: there’s still more!

Because this absolute and original person is the source of all being, all of the energies emanating from this person naturally gravitate toward him in one way or another, either by way of his material energies that hide his original form from the vision of those who are influenced by the illusion of separation or by way of his spiritual energy which reveals his form to one who cultivates the desire for reunion with him. The original and absolute person is attracting all of his energetic particles, one way or another, at all times. Hence an appropriate name, among innumerable names, for this unlimited person would be “the all-attractive being”; in Sanskrit, Krishna.

And since Krishna’s energies are limitless and ever increasing, as it is the nature of spirit to be perpetually expansive, all of this takes place with no effort on his part; with just a fragment of himself he eternally pervades and maintains everything. Being completely free and independent, he can do whatever he wants, wherever he wants, whenever he wants, with whomever he wants. What do you suppose he would do?

Perhaps he would hang out in the groves of a forest near the bank of a river and, on a beautiful autumn night, call his most intimate companions, the cowherd girls, to dance with him by the light of the moon.

Far out, man.

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