More Theory of Everything

By popular request, I’ve updated the chart to indicate both a trajectory of the jiva – one of the innumerable sparks of conscious living energy – and a “We Are Here” marker to indicate our current position in this schematic.

The trajectory shows how, according to the Bhagavata school of yoga philosophy, the jiva appears to leave the spiritual world and resides in an un-manifest state within the Adi Purusha, also called Maha Vishnu (on the left). The material cosmic manifestation comes into being when the superior energy (purusha, or conscious spirit) comes into contact (or something like contact) with the inferior energy (prakriti, or unconscious matter, on the right) and the qualities of unconscious matter, called gunas, are put into motion by the mixing spoon of Time, an energy of the Adi Purusha, or original conscious being. Picking up different combinations of qualities, the jiva, en-route from un-manifest to manifest, is covered by a mind, intelligence, and ego that form a cumulative subtle shape (down and to the left on the chart), which in turn gives rise to set of senses, or organs of perception and action, which are organized into a form; a material body. The column on the lower left of the chart describes the individual form acquired by the jiva while the column on the right describes the material in which the embodied soul resides. In our case, we have the good fortune to have acquired the form of human beings living on planet Earth.

Please note: at the top of the last paragraph I said “appears to leave”. Please see my previous blog entry entitled “There Is No Tiger” for an elaboration on this idea.

Which brings us to “We Are Here” (bottom left) and the opportunity of the human form of life. Using the plot of The Matrix as our analogy, we can engage our senses according to our propensity to identify with the material coverings we’ve acquired and stay in The Matrix, the illusory cycle of birth and death (the blue pill) or we can engage our senses according to an understanding of our true spiritual nature and move in the direction of liberation and (again, according to the Bhagavata School) beyond liberation to the personal aspect of the Absolute Truth (the red pill).

I hope this helps to clarify “Everything”.

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